Mission #2

Your second mission is to obtain some background information on a coastal tribe of Washington state. To accomplish this task the Director (teacher) has created a worksheet to assist you organizing and collecting your information. Follow the following steps to complete Mission #2:

  1. To complete this mission you will first choose a coastal tribe from the map below. Then you will complete a worksheet on the location, food, shelter, customs and clothing of your chosen tribe. Once you have selected your tribe, move onto step number two.

    • Note: To assist you with this lesson there are more links at the bottom of the page that may be helpful in the completion of your mission.


2. As you explore your coastal tribe, you will need to complete the following worksheet to ensure that you have all of the needed information for your presentation.  We will be focusing on how their location influences their daily life. If you need more room for your answers, simply attatch a sheet of paper to your worksheet.

Worksheet link

The director knows this is your first mission. He has put together a worksheet with specific questions and an organizational chart to assist you. In order to make a good impression make sure that you answer all of the questions thoroughly. Be sure to write more than one sentence and ensure that they are complete sentences.

3.Totem Poles: Coastal Tribes often displayed totem poles. Answer the following questions about them and attach your answers to your worksheet.

  • Go to the following websites to find the answers to the questions below.
  • Totem Pole Link #1
  • Totem Pole Link #2
  • Totem Pole Link #3
    • What do totem poles mean?
    • What were some common totem pole figures? Explain the meaning of two of them.
    • How old are totem poles?
    • Are totem poles still made? If so where?
    • Where totem poles worshipped?
    • What did you find the most interesting about totem poles?

Congratulations on the completion of your second mission! To finish your project for the museum you must move on to mission number three.

Coastal Tribal Links


Tribal Website

General History


Tribal Information

Offical Website

General Info


Tribal Information

Offical Webite

General Info


Tribal Website

General Info

More General Info



Tribal webpage

Brief History

More info


Tribal Webpage

More Info



General info

Tribal Website

More Info


Tribal Homepage

Culture and History

More Info


Tribe homepage


Tribal History


Tribal Homepage

Makah Nation

More Info


Tribal Website


More Info

Other Links




Native American General Links:

Library of Congress link

Library of Congress collection

National Archives

Links to many Native American Topics

Native Web

Language webpage

University of WA

Mutnomah County Library

Washington Natives

Seattle Times

Lewis and Clark

PBS Lewis and Clark Natives

Natives and their environment

Native General Info

Tribes of the Pacific Northwest Collection

Native Food


Library of Congress Native Tribes of the Pacific Northwest


Mission #2 Grading Rubric


Excellent 90-100% Fair 70-90% Poor 0-69%
Worksheet is complete and legible (5 points) All questions are answered and are neat, legible, and show effort. Two or less questions are not completed and answers are legible neat, and showing some effort. Three or more questions are not answered questions are not legible or neat, showing little or no effort.
Answers are complete (10 points) Answers are in complete sentences and do not contain any grammatical errors. Answers are in complete sentences and contain just a few grammatical errors. Answers are not in complete sentences and contain many grammatical errors.
Information gathered off websites provided (5 points) Information was gathered from websites provided. Most of the information was gathered from websites provided. Little if any of the information was gathered from provided websites.

Toem pole questions are completed (10 points)

All questions are answered and are neat, legible, and show effort. Questions are are not all complete, legible, neat and show some effort. Many of the questions were not completed, answers were not legible and show minimal effort.




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