Mission #4

The following steps will assist you in completing mission number four.

  1. Now that you have completed your research on a coastal and a plateau tribe, you need to complete your assignment by putting together a PowerPoint presentation that compares and contrasts your two tribes. This is the presentation that you will give to the museum. The director has assisted you in your task by creating a template PowerPoint for you. Open the PowerPoint template below and fill in the correct information usng your worksheets from mission two and three. Additionally you need to :
        1. Ensure all slides can be read easily and have a title.
        2. You need to have sound on at least two slides.
        3. Include animation on at least three slides.
        4. The slide show must play automatically.
        5. You must have pictures to illustrate your points.
  2. Click here for PowerPoint Template. Use this WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION!
  3. Write a one page summary comparing and contrasting Coastal and Plateau tribes. Be sure to include the importance of geography.
  4. Turn in your PowerPoint and all your other worksheets to the director(Teacher).

Congratulations on the completion of your first assignment for the museum. The director will give you feedback on your project soon.

Mission #4 Grading Rubric


Excellent 90-100% Fair 70-90% Poor 0-69%
PowerPoint presentation is complete. (10 points) All slides are neat, legible, and clearly present information. Slides are legible neat, and show a majority of the information. Slides are not legible or neat, and are missing a lot of information.
Slides contain appropriate information (10 points) Information is concise and complete. Information is clear and generally complete. Information is missing and not clear.
All slides have required elements (10 points) Presentation contains all required elements. Presentation contains most required elements. Presentation contains minimal required elements.

One Page summary (20 points)

Summary is well written with a begining middle and end with no punctuation errors. Summary is well written with a begining middle and end with a few punctuation errors. Summary is poorly written with missing the begining middle or end with many punctuation errors.



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